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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Final video

Final poster

Here is my final, finished poster.

I used basic hmv conventions, for example;
  • The hmv logo, which I created using a similar 'round' font, and then added 'get closer'
  • I also used the reconizable hmv dog
  • I made the colour of hmv hot pink to match the logo
  • I used a photo of my digipack to advertise my 'single'
  • I also used the small print found on all hmv posters

Final Digi pack

As part of my ancillary task I created a digi pack, I created a front cover, spine, two inside pages and a back.
  • This is the front cover of my digipack
  • It includes the name of the singer and single
  • I used a close up of the singer
  • I kept the colours basic to give it more of a sophisticated feel

  • This is the inside 'booklet' on the left, behind the front cover
  • I kept a house style by using the same colour scheme as the front cover
  • I used four photos of the singer and included his name and single
  • I added a special thanks to the top as this is a convention of digipacks

  • This is the right inside cover, where the CD would be placed
  • I kept this side simple with just a photo of the singer as the CD will be placed here

  • This is the back of the digipack
  • I included reviews from popular newspapers I seen this on the back of an exsisting product and thought it was effective as it will persaude people to buy the CD
  • I included a picture of the singer, his name and the singles name
  • I used a few colours and a sophisticated colour scheme
  • I also included a barcode as this is a basic convention of CDs

  • This is the spine of the digipack
  • It includes the singers name and the single
  • I made up a 'CD number' as when researching exisiting CD's they all included this

  • This is the spine on the inside

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Evaluation - question four

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Monday, 9 May 2011

Evaluation - question three

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

I think audience feedback is a vital part of the post production stage as it allows us to see if we have pleased the consumers. We held a screening to showcase our music video and showed it to an audience ages 14-17.
The audience can relate and gain inspiration to the main star in our video as she is  of a similar age. We believed that the boys would watch the video because they would find both girls attractive and aspire to be like the singer 'Dillon' whereas girls because they would aspire to be like the celebrity at the same time as relating to the stalker as they are not. Here we are relating to Blumler and Katz's theory of Uses and Gratifications of 1974. Another aspect of this theory is social interaction where people can look at the media product and discuss it with other fans or their friends afterwards. We also acknowledge the ideas behind Naomi Wolf's 'The Beauty Myth' (1991) which claims that pictures of sexually attractive women are used to sell products to women because women are conditioned to aspire to look like whatever is the contemporary model for beauty, so girls may buy my product because they want to look like Vivo.
We also handed out questionnaires for the audience to fill in after watching the screening. I used questionnaires as a research method as it has many strenghts
  • They are quick, easy and cheap to produce
  • Due to this we can hand many out, making the results a representative response of our audience
  • They produce quantitative results, which means they are easy to quantify and can be shown in the forms of pie charts etc.
However they are a few weaknesses;
  • They don't produce valid answers, as the audience cannot explain their answers through closed questions, to overcome this we produced a hybrid with both open and closed questions.
Here are the results of our questionnaire:

Did you enjoy the song?
Did the piece look authentic and professional?

Did you understand the narrative?

Did you think that there was a wide variety of shots?

What shot did you prefer?

Did the costumes reflect the characters roles?

Did you recognize the locations?

What effect do you think they had?
*example* "It was a good effect, it made it personal and I could relate to it more"

Did you understand the reason for the black and white effect?

What did you like about the video?
*example* "I easily understood the story line"

What did you dislike about the video?
*example* "There was quite a few of the same shots"

One a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the highest) how would you rate our music video?

We also used a video camera to record our screening, ensuring that we had both male and female opinions and people of different ages to give us the best possible feedback. We recorded their views straight immediately after they had watched our product as we wanted to capture their initial reaction. By doing this we were able to receive both positive and negative feedback with constructive criticism in order to make changes to our production.

Over all I am extremely happy with the feedback that we have received, most comments have been positive and has been excellently received. The negative comments are also essential as critical feedback is just as important as positive.

Evaluation - question two

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

I feel that my music video combined with my poster and CD cover is very effective in successfully communicating the narrative and promoting my product. I also think that my music video and photography skills, merged with my Photoshop skills, are great promotional products. As we live in the 21st century and the age of new technologies, I believe that my work will be promoted virally on the internet (on websites such as Youtube) and on mobile phones, as our target audience is of an age range that uses this kind of technology.

Word of mouth by fans and links via social networking websites like Facebook and twitter would spread my products over the internet. This means that I am a prosumer as am no longer a consumer and I have produced a product that has the potential to reach an audience of millions and that audience can provide feedback. The music video will be uploaded in various media forms, for example Youtube where anyone on the internet can view it, ‘music on demand’ which will allow and audience to view through the television and iTunes where consumers can download the video on to music devices such as iPods.

Our music video would be promoted on television and in magazines as an advert and it will also be released to music video channels such as MTV, Four Music, Hits, and The Box. Other profits could be made by creating remixes.

Evaluation - question one - In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of a real media product?

narrative structure flow chart link :,r:2,s:0&tx=80&ty=66

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Here we have put together a short video of some outakes we had whilst filming which brings back memories of how much fun we had!

Research - poster

I needed to know what conventions I had to include in my advertising poster, to do this I researched existing successful products, here is an example.
  • It includes the 'bands' name and all four of the singers
  • The flash of colours make it eye catching and attractive
  • I like the way the band has signed the poster, which may make the reader stop and look

Costume and make up

Here are some examples of the costume and make up I chose.
Here is one of Dillons outfits, its trendy yet casual which indicates he is fashionable.

 Here is some of the basic make up I used through out the production on all female actresses

 This my costume for the first clips, I'm wearing dark colours to imply I have a dark personality. If you look at my make up you can see I smudged mascara to give the effect I have been crying.
 These are some of my make up brushes I used to apply the heavy make up to the star.
 This is the hair tool I used on the stars hair to make her look glamorous.
 This is the costume I chose for the 'dog walking' clip - its dark and creepy.
 I used a dark eye shadow on myself to give the impression of lack of sleep and worry. I used a pale face powder to make me look paler.
 This is Alex's make up for the same scene. I used heavy make up to make her look more glamorous, for example the eyeliner and pink lipstick.
 This is the outfit I chose for the scene, its tight and revealing giving the impression shes a attractive celebrity.
 This is Alex's costume for the beach scene, I chose designer beach wear and sunglasses which links to the idea of a sunny beach.
 This is my own costume for the beach scene - dark and baggy with my hair scraped back. I used the same hoody in previous scenes to give the impression I don't own many outfits.
These are the shoes Alex wore for the dog walking scene, the high heels add to the glamour effect.

Costume and make up

It was one of my personal duties to choose costume and make up for the actors. For the singer I needed glamorous, over the top outfits, and for the stalker I needed dark, unflattering outfits. For the photographer I chose causal and for Dillon I chose designer wear.


Here are some of the locations we used:
 This the location we used for the first and last scene, I wanted it to look as normal as possible to show that the character is just a normal girl, I felt a bedroom would be perfect for this.
 This loaction is used to show the star just being causal and watching television.
 We wanted a typically romantic location to reveal the star and her boyfriend, I figured the beach is and ideal location and has connotations with romance.
 This location is used when the star is walking her dog, we wanted this shot to be quite creepy, as it is the first clip on both the stalker and star in the same frame. I felt this path give this effect well.
 We used this location as an establishing shot of the city. It shows many famous landmarks which I felt were effective as it gave a sense of locality.
 This is the location were the star does her photoshoot.
This is a very powerfull location. We needed to show the audience that Alex is a singer, so we booked the recording studio in school and filmed as though Alex was recording a song.

Flat plans

I created flat plans to help me choose factors of my anicallry tasks, for exmaple the layout, here they are:


For our ancillary task, we have to create a digipack, as well as an advertising poster to promote the song, For this, we had to take a range of different shots of our main singer who was going to be the image of both of these.
When first beginning to take photos, we realised that the camera was on a slight angle, so we then had to straighten up the tripod to ensure all our images were steady.
We also made sure that our singer wore a range of different outfits to give variety in shots. Here are a few of the images that we had to take;
 Extreme close up
 Close up
 Mid shot
Long shot