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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Final Digi pack

As part of my ancillary task I created a digi pack, I created a front cover, spine, two inside pages and a back.
  • This is the front cover of my digipack
  • It includes the name of the singer and single
  • I used a close up of the singer
  • I kept the colours basic to give it more of a sophisticated feel

  • This is the inside 'booklet' on the left, behind the front cover
  • I kept a house style by using the same colour scheme as the front cover
  • I used four photos of the singer and included his name and single
  • I added a special thanks to the top as this is a convention of digipacks

  • This is the right inside cover, where the CD would be placed
  • I kept this side simple with just a photo of the singer as the CD will be placed here

  • This is the back of the digipack
  • I included reviews from popular newspapers I seen this on the back of an exsisting product and thought it was effective as it will persaude people to buy the CD
  • I included a picture of the singer, his name and the singles name
  • I used a few colours and a sophisticated colour scheme
  • I also included a barcode as this is a basic convention of CDs

  • This is the spine of the digipack
  • It includes the singers name and the single
  • I made up a 'CD number' as when researching exisiting CD's they all included this

  • This is the spine on the inside

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