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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Costume and make up

Here are some examples of the costume and make up I chose.
Here is one of Dillons outfits, its trendy yet casual which indicates he is fashionable.

 Here is some of the basic make up I used through out the production on all female actresses

 This my costume for the first clips, I'm wearing dark colours to imply I have a dark personality. If you look at my make up you can see I smudged mascara to give the effect I have been crying.
 These are some of my make up brushes I used to apply the heavy make up to the star.
 This is the hair tool I used on the stars hair to make her look glamorous.
 This is the costume I chose for the 'dog walking' clip - its dark and creepy.
 I used a dark eye shadow on myself to give the impression of lack of sleep and worry. I used a pale face powder to make me look paler.
 This is Alex's make up for the same scene. I used heavy make up to make her look more glamorous, for example the eyeliner and pink lipstick.
 This is the outfit I chose for the scene, its tight and revealing giving the impression shes a attractive celebrity.
 This is Alex's costume for the beach scene, I chose designer beach wear and sunglasses which links to the idea of a sunny beach.
 This is my own costume for the beach scene - dark and baggy with my hair scraped back. I used the same hoody in previous scenes to give the impression I don't own many outfits.
These are the shoes Alex wore for the dog walking scene, the high heels add to the glamour effect.

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