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Thursday, 24 March 2011


Here are some of the locations we used:
 This the location we used for the first and last scene, I wanted it to look as normal as possible to show that the character is just a normal girl, I felt a bedroom would be perfect for this.
 This loaction is used to show the star just being causal and watching television.
 We wanted a typically romantic location to reveal the star and her boyfriend, I figured the beach is and ideal location and has connotations with romance.
 This location is used when the star is walking her dog, we wanted this shot to be quite creepy, as it is the first clip on both the stalker and star in the same frame. I felt this path give this effect well.
 We used this location as an establishing shot of the city. It shows many famous landmarks which I felt were effective as it gave a sense of locality.
 This is the location were the star does her photoshoot.
This is a very powerfull location. We needed to show the audience that Alex is a singer, so we booked the recording studio in school and filmed as though Alex was recording a song.

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