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Monday, 9 May 2011

Evaluation - question two

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

I feel that my music video combined with my poster and CD cover is very effective in successfully communicating the narrative and promoting my product. I also think that my music video and photography skills, merged with my Photoshop skills, are great promotional products. As we live in the 21st century and the age of new technologies, I believe that my work will be promoted virally on the internet (on websites such as Youtube) and on mobile phones, as our target audience is of an age range that uses this kind of technology.

Word of mouth by fans and links via social networking websites like Facebook and twitter would spread my products over the internet. This means that I am a prosumer as am no longer a consumer and I have produced a product that has the potential to reach an audience of millions and that audience can provide feedback. The music video will be uploaded in various media forms, for example Youtube where anyone on the internet can view it, ‘music on demand’ which will allow and audience to view through the television and iTunes where consumers can download the video on to music devices such as iPods.

Our music video would be promoted on television and in magazines as an advert and it will also be released to music video channels such as MTV, Four Music, Hits, and The Box. Other profits could be made by creating remixes.

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