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Monday, 9 May 2011

Evaluation - question three

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

I think audience feedback is a vital part of the post production stage as it allows us to see if we have pleased the consumers. We held a screening to showcase our music video and showed it to an audience ages 14-17.
The audience can relate and gain inspiration to the main star in our video as she is  of a similar age. We believed that the boys would watch the video because they would find both girls attractive and aspire to be like the singer 'Dillon' whereas girls because they would aspire to be like the celebrity at the same time as relating to the stalker as they are not. Here we are relating to Blumler and Katz's theory of Uses and Gratifications of 1974. Another aspect of this theory is social interaction where people can look at the media product and discuss it with other fans or their friends afterwards. We also acknowledge the ideas behind Naomi Wolf's 'The Beauty Myth' (1991) which claims that pictures of sexually attractive women are used to sell products to women because women are conditioned to aspire to look like whatever is the contemporary model for beauty, so girls may buy my product because they want to look like Vivo.
We also handed out questionnaires for the audience to fill in after watching the screening. I used questionnaires as a research method as it has many strenghts
  • They are quick, easy and cheap to produce
  • Due to this we can hand many out, making the results a representative response of our audience
  • They produce quantitative results, which means they are easy to quantify and can be shown in the forms of pie charts etc.
However they are a few weaknesses;
  • They don't produce valid answers, as the audience cannot explain their answers through closed questions, to overcome this we produced a hybrid with both open and closed questions.
Here are the results of our questionnaire:

Did you enjoy the song?
Did the piece look authentic and professional?

Did you understand the narrative?

Did you think that there was a wide variety of shots?

What shot did you prefer?

Did the costumes reflect the characters roles?

Did you recognize the locations?

What effect do you think they had?
*example* "It was a good effect, it made it personal and I could relate to it more"

Did you understand the reason for the black and white effect?

What did you like about the video?
*example* "I easily understood the story line"

What did you dislike about the video?
*example* "There was quite a few of the same shots"

One a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the highest) how would you rate our music video?

We also used a video camera to record our screening, ensuring that we had both male and female opinions and people of different ages to give us the best possible feedback. We recorded their views straight immediately after they had watched our product as we wanted to capture their initial reaction. By doing this we were able to receive both positive and negative feedback with constructive criticism in order to make changes to our production.

Over all I am extremely happy with the feedback that we have received, most comments have been positive and has been excellently received. The negative comments are also essential as critical feedback is just as important as positive.

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