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Monday, 13 December 2010

Film anaylsis

To get a few ideas of basic conventions of horror trailers, I have watched and analysed existing trailers, that have similar factors to the answers of the questionnaire, for example, Tormented. Tormented is a 2009 horror-comedy, directed by Jon Wright and written by Stephen Prentice, the film was released on May 22, 2009 in the UK.  The world premiere took place on May 19, at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square followed by a national premiere at Cineworld in Birmingham. The film's budget was under £1 million.
         The film is based on a bullied teenager who commits suicide, and then comes back to haunt his school mates. It is a very modern movie, staring the cast of popular TV drama 'skins'. The target audience is teenagers, the same as mine.
         The trailer opens with title cards of the producers, etc. The pop soundtrack is quite modern and fast which compliments the fast camera movement. The opening sequence is actually a scene from the movie, I think this is a good opening sequence and it teases the audience and makes them want to see the whole movie. There is a selection of close ups, followed by transitions such as flashes and cuts which I think is very effective. The lightening is very dark, which gives a creepy, scary effect. There is a combination of two clips, by cutting from one to another.The trailer is full of reaction shots, to show the terror in the casts faces. At 38 seconds (about a quarter of the way through) there is a flash and a title card appears with the word 'Tormented' (the films name) there is a slight change in music when the title card appears, with a sound effect, then the music changes to a loud pop song to emphasises the characters are at a party. There is many shots of the party, showing different characters and what they are doing, followed by a title card 'in this world' then more quick shots of the party. There is another title card 'your either somebody' , more party shots and a final title card, 'or you're nobody'. Next there is a voice over 'how should we remember Darren Mullet?' as two scenes from the film are combined with the use of quick cuts and transitions, it basically summarises what has happened in the film. There is a flash/transition to a funeral scene to emphasise the boy is dead, using fade ins and out. There is loads of different quick cuts of scenes in the film showing Darren getting bullied. The only sound is speech. The trailer reveals a little bit about the plot, by using quick cuts and clips from the film. After that a slowish soundtrack plays to add a 'creepy' effect. There is voice overs on the clips to explain what is happening, followed by a freeze frame. The next clip is split up with quick flashes/transitions. The next bit shows Darren in a hall full of school kids whom are moving really quickly and not noticing him, giving the impression he's not really there, followed by a title card 'the best days of your life'. The film speeds up after this, showing several quick shots of scenes from the film, and the soundtrack gets louder, followed by another title card 'don't last forver' which explains the next clip of the girl drowning.The clips are separated by fades in and out, each clip reveals a little bit about how each character dies. The trailer ends with a title card of the title, 'Tormented'

Tormented Poster

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