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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Questionnaire results

Looking at the results, we have decided that we will shape our trailer around the most popular answers, for example, using female victims and using ghosts. The results of our questionnaire stated that the conventions most preferred are ghosts, so we intend on basing our storyline around this by using a Ouija board in our trailer. We also wanted to find out what locations the audience would like to see, and discovered that a forest and houses were the most popular in a horror film, so again we are going to film a few scenes in these kinds of locations, by filming in bedrooms and bathrooms. We were unsure of who the victim should be throughout our trailer, however after analysing our results we decided to make the victim a girl, as they are the vulnerable. We gave the audience a choice of film titles, and the results showed 'simon says' was the favourite. We gave this option as 'simon says' is part of the plot.

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