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Monday, 30 November 2009

My interview

20-year-old Angel was spotted on the show three years ago when, despite singing her heart out, she got booted off the show at 'boot camp' stage by Judge Louis Walsh. After recovering from the rejection, Angel turned up at this year's auditions, belted out “I’m a Survivor” by Destiny’s Child, and went on to storm the whole show, winning it in Saturday's final by one million votes. Encore is proud to present you Angel!

So Angel you are the X-Factor winner 2008! How are you doing?
I’m great!! I'm really quite positive but I feel weird. My body feels a bit jet-lagged. I've lived and breathed The X Factor so many months. It's all I've thought about since March. Now I'm out, my body can't get used to it!

Now that you’ve won it, how does it feel?
It's actually still quite surreal, nothing has sunk in yet it’s just really weird! I still can’t believe I won, there were some really great singers in the competition and this just doesn’t even seem real.

Oh yes the other contestants, a little birdie told encore you and little Lloyd had a little fling…
(Laughs) Lloyd! No! I mean he’s drop-dead-gorgeous but he’s like my little brother, I love him to bits, but we could only be mates!

Because of your boyfriend ban?
(Laughs) it seems silly, but Cheryl got me here so yeah, no distractions she said! She was like: 'Keep men well out of the way' and it's canny crazy cause I’ve always had a distraction in my life and now I’ve not and I just wanna concentrate on my music. This is it for me and I wanna make this work

How is your relationship with Cheryl Cole?
Cheryls great. I love her too bits, I put every bit of trust in that woman (choosing her songs for the show) and I’m so glad I did!

Will you keep in touch with Cheryl?I'm going to make every effort to keep in touch. I'm going for Sunday dinner at her house this afternoon. Isn't that sweet? Then hopefully, if I do well, I'll be seeing a lot more of her

It's been such a journey, what have been the highlights for you?
I've changed so much; I've grown up and become more independent. I know what I want in life and in my career and I know the people I want in my life. I know that you have to work so hard for it.

Do you like the winners song?
Its good yeah, I would of preferred to write my own though, but hey I cant complain!

You write songs?
Ha-ha yeah, amateur songs though, I’d like to work on my song writing, maybe in a couple of years.

So what’s next for Angel?
A nap! (laughs) no seriously, I’m so excited for the winners song to be released, there’s a few surprises on the video! Then it’s the X factor tour, which I can’t wait for, ill get to see all my little stars!

Well good luck Angel, you really deserve it, we should do this again!
Yeah defiantly! After my album!

The winner song will be released late december, Angel’s first album will be released in summer 2010
interviewed by
Alysha Pearson

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